Energy Generation Market to be Supported by Local Electricity Usage Data

The OpenLV project is opening up live local electricity network usage data in order to allow Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and others to obtain more information about how networks can best cope with rising installations, and how devices can be operated to provide maximum benefit everyone.
Energy Generation Market to be Supported by Local Electricity Usage Data

Currently, electricity network operators have limited information about power flows on local electricity networks. This can act as a barrier to the installation and operation of distributed generation devices.

LV-CAP™, provided by the OpenLV project,  could be utilized by the generation community as a single monitoring, reporting and control platform to manage energy export within agreed limits. The platform allows third parties to develop their own apps.

The OpenLV project, led by project partners Western Power Distribution and EA Technology, is inviting the submission of ideas for how data from local electricity networks could be used to develop new apps.

Mark Dale, Innovation Manager, Western Power Distribution, stated, “The OpenLV project is making local electricity network data ‘open access’ for the first ever time. This presents a great opportunity for smart thinking and innovation. We’re inviting people, ranging from community groups to industry stakeholders, to come up with novel ideas for apps that can make use of this data.”

 “Innovative ideas about apps that could offer people benefits are welcomed from all sectors, as well as from the energy industry itself,” added Richard Potter, EA Technology’s OpenLV Project Manager.

Anyone with ideas for apps that could be developed as part of OpenLV should complete a survey to register their interest at or contact the OpenLV team to discuss the project in more detail.

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Photo:  OpenLV is a groundbreaking project that’s making live local electricity data openly available

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