Barlovento develops new PV installations inspection system

New PV installations inspections system cuts inspection times while reducing costs
Barlovento develops new PV installations inspection system

Barlovento Recursos Naturales has developed a new PV installations inspection system called ThermoSpeed which enables the thermographic analysis of sensitive components in a PV installation including panels, transformers, inverters, connection boxes etc, in order to ensure they are functioning correctly.

The application is based on mobile thermography and is specially designed to carry out thermographies in PV installations in a quick and reliable manner, thereby significantly reducing the exploration and post-process times related to thermographic inspections. It consists of an inspection vehicle equipped with a device that is able to examine PV panels from a vehicle in motion and detects overheating or hot points in order to analyse, classify and order them. The system can also analyse PV panels in motion, thus allowing the simultaneous analysis of different variables that influence or provide indications of defects in PV panels. It can keep a complete registry of all the inspected elements and thereby allows for periodic monitoring of the entire installation in order to improve the operation of the system and reduce costs associated with inspection, operation and maintenance.

ThermoSpeed enables a significant reduction of inspection times, the generation of a complete inspection registry, the automatic generation of reports and studies of the deterioration of all modules installed in a typical PV plant, all in one process.

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