REC launches industry-leading certification programme for solar installers in the Philippines

Solar power company REC is rolling out its successful Solar Professional Programme to support local solar installers in the Philippines.
REC launches industry-leading certification programme for solar installers in the Philippines

The new certification scheme is aimed at promoting a long-term alliance between local customers and local solar installers with the only the best and most qualified being selected for REC Solar Professional status, setting them apart from other installers. Customers will benefit from the programme in the form of a consistently high standard among installers who use REC’s solar panels.   

“REC is equipping installers with the tools and know-how for them to differentiate themselves as professional installers, increase their credibility and grow their businesses” said REC’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Asia Pacific, Jen Tan. “They can now provide their customers with high-quality installations backed by excellent technical and safety expertise, with the assurance of REC’s high performing solar panels.”

Five installers have been selected so far. Participants will benefit from training programmes and exclusive seminars aimed at building their technical and industry knowledge. They will also receive extended product warranty, a service fee for approved claims and access to sales and marketing tools to support their business. The extended product warranty adds an extra two years on top of REC’s standard 10-year warranty for installations up to 500 kWp.

The five newly certified companies are Deco Sales, 3NERGY Corporation, SOWI Renewables Technologies, SOLAREADY and Green Asia Technologies.

The potential for solar adoption among local households in the Philippines is expected to exceed the National Renewable Energy Plan’s target of 1,528 MW by 2013. The country's energy consumption is expected to reach 149,067 gigawatt-hours (GWh) by 2030, a big increase on the previous estimated demand of 86,809 GWh by 2018 and the actual demand of 55,417 GWh in 2008. Peak demand is likely to reach 14,311 GWh by 2018 and increase to 24,534 GWh by 2030, a significant  jump from 2008's estimate of 9,226 GWh.

The Philippines Department of Energy (DOE) is supporting the rapidly growing solar market by partnering with local solar companies to promote solar energy. The department has additionally mandated all installers and engineers in the country to regularly upgrade their installation skills through training, workshops and conferences. The growing demand for solar is particularly noticeable in the residential and commercial rooftop segments and further marked by increasing integration of PV in island girds and off-grid resorts.

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