Associations announce partnership to boost Korean wind market

The World Wind Energy Association has signed an agreement with the Korea Wind Energy Industry Association to jointly work to boost the on- and offshore wind markets in Korea.
Associations announce partnership to boost Korean wind market

The initiative includes baseline research to identify policies that will both promote wind power generally and r the accelerated development of wind farms specifically.

“We are delighted that we can assist our Korean colleagues and the Korean government in building up a strong domestic wind sector," said WWEA Secretary General  Stefan Gsänger. "Experience from other, leading wind markets can well serve as guidance on which way the country should go for. We believe that a clear focus on a 100 percent renewable energy supply will not only be good for the environment but it will strengthen the country’s economy and improve economic prospects of urban and rural communities in Korea.”

The Republic of Korea has been relatively slow to embrace wind power, but the nation is now experiencing a fundamental shift in its energy policies.

Since the election of President Moon Jae-in earlier this year, Korea has switched off several coal power stations and it is preparing to phase out nuclear power as well.

In light of these changes, the nation is now actively developing its renewable energy sector with the intent that wind, solar and other renewable will meet its future energy needs.

“Today, the Korean wind market offers new opportunities, and we are pleased that with the support of WWEA and its international expertise we can build the wind industry of our country," said  Prof. Choong-Yul Son, chairman of the subcommittee of KWEIA. "Both onshore and offshore wind farm investment will be scaled up in the coming year, and the mid-term target is an installed capacity of 15 GW. To achieve this, we will learn from other countries who have already reached such milestone.”

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