IWEA welcomes announcement of new wind farm project

Mount Robinson wind farm to create up to 150 jobs during construction
IWEA welcomes announcement of new wind farm project

The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) has welcomed the plan by Bord na Mona to build a new wind farm at Mount Lucas, Co. Offaly which will create at least 150 new jobs during its construction phase.

“This is another milestone in the development of wind energy in Ireland and a great example of the economic benefits that can accrue from this sector through job creation and investment in the local economy” said Kenneth Matthews, CEO of IWEA. “This project has the potential to create 150 jobs and provide enough electricity to power up to 50,000 Irish households. Its value to the local economy and the Irish economy more generally cannot be underestimated.

Mr Matthews also took the opportunity to announce the approach of an ambitious Inter-Governmental energy trade agreement with the UK which will create a market for the export of Irish wind energy.

“Ireland can meet its domestic targets for 2020 but also has an opportunity to become a renewable electricity exporter of scale before 2020 and this project advances these goals considerably” Mr Matthews said. “This project also sends a very strong signal to investors globally that Ireland is a country committed to the development of wind energy”

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